Source: Punk Prospect
Published June 24th 2013

“a rousing riot of noise that makes me want to get up outof my seat and protest against my mundane life…….. the raw power of the West Midlands accent twist the music into a call to arms for anyone who has ever felt oppressed. It is a marching song and I can feel my feet tapping.

Source: HeavyinHerts
Published: June 12th 2013

“The lyrics are memorable and quite rebellious making for an interesting listen. The production that Drop Down Smiling have worked hard on for this track is top notch and can definitely stand up beside big label bands.”

Source: Soudsphere Magazine
Published:– May 20th 2013

“ Melodically encapsulating their way to the masses is a talent ridden rock jaunt the world needs, and their name is Drop Down Smiling, a band with a first aid kit full of vibes. Their EP ‘Sign Here’ holds four tasty morsels of what we hope is an example of the many songs in that style that we can expect in the future – and the range is wide! “

Source: RingMaster
Published:– May 8th 2013

“Drop Down Smiling will be on the lips of the masses one can only surmise on the evidence of their Sign Here EP but why wait when that excellent feast is waiting to be devoured”

Source: Giggle Pics
Published: May 6th 2013

“It’s so technical and yet it sound so commercial which almost makes you want to believe that it is a simple song, it is so deceptive and keeps the audience guessing and thinking. Pure brilliance, Hats off on this one.”

Source: Kathontour
Published: April 29th 2013

Drop Down Smiling are completely unique. Their high energy performances are sure to be one that kick starts a gig in fighting style, make-way for mosh pits, crowd surfers and emotional air punches.”

Source: Throwing Shapes Media
Published: April 28th 2013

“The power, skills and pure groove of this track over weighs a lot of the alternative/electronic/pop that I have ever heard before. Played with precision and passion, I can see this band being played on a BBC Radio 1 day time playlist”

Source: Born Music
Published: April 25th 2013

Clever and intricate production, a great keys riff, well used samples, meaty guitar hooks and some well-constructed and delivered harmonies are all there in a very, very tidy 3:30 package that doesn’t seem to waste a beat.”